These films are in loving memory of Soko.

Soko: Why Don’t You Eat Me Now You Can

I hope we haven’t seen the last of her. Her sensitivity to the world gives her a warmth and sincerity that is instantly lovable. Her spirit is infectious and her ability to connect with people is endearing and turns you to mush. You kinda want to take her home and bake cookies (vegan of course) all afternoon. Hopefully she’ll resurface and continue to sing songs about dicks and periods and cowboys and dead girls and sex up against a wall and little baby cats; right now no one else makes me laugh and sing so wonderfully at once.

Soko: It’s Not Going To Work

When we suggested the graveyard Soko was instantly into the idea. The answer is yes, as for all other drugs. buy generic levitra brand Pfizer will still be sold more expensive than generic products. This is the brand that is at the origin. This represents an important quality guarantee for consumers. The location was dramatic and spooky, but also very Sydney and close to Bondi where she was meeting friends. While I drove, we all giggled and ate chocolate cookies from a health food shop on Crown St, Soko filled us in on life and the tour and her friend Julie interjected in French from the back seat.  Funny in a way that we filmed in a graveyard and that her myspace page now states that she is influenced by ‘all the dead people, the living world is not so inspiring’ and that she sounds like ‘a ghost, gone forever’.

Soko: Goodbye Paris

At the time of making these films Soko was living in LA and and as the song Goodbye Paris suggests, she had poetically renounced her French citizenship and rejected the oppressive grip of old world Europe in favour of the sunny skies and animal-friendly ethics of the American west coast.  Heartbreaking then, to read that she’s back there, in “HELL: FRANCE” and to read her About section on her myspace is far from Goodbye Paris; it’s just Goodbye.

Soko. Come back!

– Amelia & Jonathan


  1. Rules…I don’t need no stinking rules. This girl’s great! It’s like no one ever told her “this is how you write a song.” She just sings what’s on her mind…at least that’s how it sounds. How fun. Ironic that she was living in LA, a city where everyone plays by the rules.


    Soko, please dont quit!!

  3. B.L

    #2 so so funny! great job guys.

  4. jefferton james

    oh my poor egg shaking..if only i had practiced more i could have jammed with soko

  5. wonderful! wonderful! wonderful! thanx STP for your faith in the musical moment, in this case with the delightful SOKO! luv milli xo ;)*

  6. Amycat.

    Oh my what a wonderous whimsical french fairy creature!!

  7. Christiane

    shes adorable, I love this!!!

  8. you just made me fall in love. Thank you.

  9. Felipe

    Soko, me encantas. Eres una mujer muyu bonita.
    Someday I will see you.

  10. SOKO,
    I love your voice.

  11. sullivan

    a truely beautiful voice to compliment the cemetary

  12. I really like that. You touched my heart!

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