I’ve been wanting to film Fences since 2007. Back in the day when myspace was a way to find new music, I came across demos of ‘My Girl The Horse’ and ‘Same Tattoos’. Both songs stayed with me as gentle, personal conversations that spoke directly to an imagined female character. I think Chris and I exchanged a few messages of mutual appreciation back in 2007 or 2008 but it wasn’t until 2011 that we met properly in Brooklyn, New York.

So, at first, everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Gale forced winds by the water, snow on a sunny day, spilled coffee, a new camera, last minute jobs, a birthday, a sick day – a plan, and then a rescheduled plan. Chris and the band were unfazed by all of this and we agreed to just meet up before his show and do a little filming in the basement at the Mercury Lounge.. As we hunkered down with Sara and the band, the morning’s chaos seemed a world away. Chris was so generous and easy to work with, we nailed the two songs quickly and within an hour we were back out on Housten St, leaning into the wind.

Thanks Lauryn for the camera, David for the mics, Kashi for the vibe-control and Sasha for carrying everything.

– Amelia
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  1. phenomenal.. love this song, and this video is great.

  2. jake

    i love this! thanks shoot the player!

  3. samantha green

    woww amazingg! sara quin did a phenomenal job producing this record and Chirs did an amazing job as well! cant wait to see yall in concert again soon!

  4. NC

    Great recording, and such a beautiful song!

  5. frida

    amazing love it. and oh saraaaa <3

  6. Charli

    Beautiful song.

  7. Erica

    sara as amazing as ever. truly perfect.
    seen her live twice (Aus) and the amount of emotion you can hear live compared to studio recorded is amazing.
    Truly unbelievable video.
    love it, love t + s and love fences.

  8. christina

    obsessed. with. this. song

  9. Jemma

    Just amazing.

  10. This is absolutely amazing. The sound and picture are both beautiful. I’m also quite grateful that you managed to take this at a time when Sara was available for backing vocals. 🙂

  11. Karissa

    Wow. I was very impressed with this acoustic. Sounded very good, and Sara’s background vocals pulled the song together very well. Bravo guys 🙂

  12. mc

    truly amazing. awesome song. and sara has the most amazing voice ever!

  13. Amazing songs! They both are really beutiful!

  14. marcus

    so damn good…

  15. marcelo elo

    I follow you from Rio, Brazil! great work!!!

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