Sarah Blasko: We Won’t Run

During Sydney Festival, Sarah replied to an email we’d sent her manager; “Hi Amy, I’d love to do a shoot the player video. It’s funny ‘cos I just saw the Play Me, I’m Yours thing in the paper today… that’d be a great idea for a video. Lots of my new songs are on piano too. I like the tattoo parlour in surry hills…”

Sarah Blasko: Hold on My Heart

We loved the idea of filming Sarah at the Illustrated Man tattoo parlour. We knew the place would be bustling with people, the noise from Central Station would be a challenge to work with, we weren’t sure how Sarah’s  gentle ballads would hold up in a potentially tough and thuggish environment, but she was game – and so were we.

When we arrived, a nervous looking couple with their newborn baby were refused ink, the tattooist excusing himself by saying that “A child’s name next to their date of birth will often be misread as their date of death.” Another man was also refused when he wanted a tattoo right on his ankle. He’d spent 30 minutes in the waiting room searching through folders and looking for courage. Deflated, he left quickly and un-tattooed.

Sarah Blasko: Woman by the Well

It became clear that despite initial apprehensions, this was a passionate setting where people came with a goal in mind and a personal story to fulfill. Rather than loose themselves in our impromptu performance, they meditated on the wall of birds, mermaids, daggers and hearts. In search of a new audience, we wandered around the sunny streets of Surry Hills and found an empty stage at the Australian Chinese Community Association, and later at a lovely little cafe I’d always noticed but had never been to before.

Sarah Blasko: All I Want

– Amelia & Jonathan
Thanks Luke Jerram, Sydney Festival & Emma


  1. Michael

    I must admit, I don’t really like the buzzing in the background in the tattoo parlour…BUT I still love these videos. Very nice work once again; thanks for introducing wonderful music to the states 🙂

  2. jefferton

    when sarah makes the vibraphone noises herself in ” all i want” i think my head and heart exploded…plus i love the camera work in that one Jonathan

  3. Love it!!!! Top stuff!!

    Thanks for this.

  4. Jen

    I could EASILY be persuaded to get a tattoo if Sarah Blasko was singing in this mesmerising way in the background… WOW

  5. antro

    Makes me even more excited about her new album. Thank you.

  6. Trish

    ….just amazing…just amazing……

  7. Peter

    Loved the videos. Love her haunting yet beautiful soulful voice. Will the album be released in the States? I want to support her here that’s why. If not, I’ll import it of course.

    Peter from the oc, ca.

  8. OMG, this is just so beautiful…

  9. Shoot The Player

    Hey peter, not sure if it will be released in the states, could contact her people at and they’ll be able to tell you. Thanks for finding us!

  10. excellent videos! thanks for leaving in the chit-chat too.
    it’s always good to hear singers just being themselves!

  11. dom

    i heart everything you do sarah!

  12. Shoot the Player

    im at the carriage works right now!

  13. ozgur

    she’s so down to earth. i like that behaviour.

  14. Jo

    I really love Sarah’s new stuff, All I Want is my favourite new song of the year. These vids are great.

  15. Sarah Blasko is brilliant

  16. I really love “All I Want”. Still get a thrill from that song.

  17. jhohn

    The camera work in All I Want was also inspired.

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