Remember when it snowed so much all we could do was talk about the snow, think about the snow, take pictures in the snow and conceive of ways to collaborate with the snow? We called up Scott Matthew and asked if he’d be game to wander round the un-plowed streets with us and he did more than that, he climbed up into a drift.

Scott Matthew is one of the loveliest men you’ll ever meet. I first came into contact with his music via the Vienna based Playgrrround and was struck that this gentle sincere bear of a man  was actually Australian – I didn’t think we bread them like that. Scott has a new album out – check out for more.

These videos were photographed by David Sosnow.


  1. Ray

    scott is dreamy.

  2. eliza

    never heard of scott before thanks shoot the player!

  3. Snowman

    Where is this? Williamsburg?

  4. Ian and Yolande

    Hi Scott
    These are wonderful clips great songs as well. Love them both. You are amazing. Love you Mum and Dad

  5. Adrian & Robyn

    Hi Scotty
    Loved these film clips so natural , your voice is just soooo beautiful we were playing your CD in the car today and now to hear these songs truly special love and hugs Adrian & Rob xx

  6. susie

    Fantastic Scott – love the music – Susie

  7. susie

    Fantastic Scott – love the music –

  8. Graham & Dianne

    Great songs Scotty. We’ll have to get the new album.

  9. Marilyn

    First in Sri Lanka, now from New York. I wonder where will I hear that beautiful voice again. Thanks Scott, Marilyn

  10. Geraldine and Noel

    Hi Scott, We loved the clips, the music is great. Love always, Geraldine and Noel

  11. Suzanne Modder

    Hi Scott! We love the clips, we are so glad to have met you in Sri Lanka . Need to get the new album. Maybe some day you will be in Singapore!!! Love & Take care!!!

  12. the last one is my favorite. thanks Scotty! you’re awesome.


  13. Alex

    I’ve been waiting for an update and this did it.

    Third one’s my favorite too and when Scott piped in with his horn, which is awesome btw, all I could think of is “omg, McCartney with a ukulele.”

  14. Carmen

    This guy is genius. Seriously, just one minute and got in love. And the video itself is just awesome, dreamy atmosphere 🙂 Beautiful.

    Keep up the good work! ^^

  15. Michael

    Oddly enough, that is the EXACT same website that I first heard of Scott Matthew myself. Crazy how things work out like that. Thanks for the videos — wonderful job as usual 🙂

  16. jayne matthew

    Hi scott love your music all the best in what you do love jayne

  17. Fernando Ramos

    Great voice. reminds me of Joe Cocker

  18. scott david

    just trying hard to manage here waiting for the big day

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