Bob Evans: Don’t You Think Its Time

For those not from Sydney, the Bourke St Bakery is a hotbed of buttery smells, delicious pork & fennel sausage rolls, cheap coffee and the odd addict treading home from the methadone clinic up the road.

Impromptu audiences are pretty much our favourite thing and lucky for us Kevin Mitchell aka Bob Evans seemed equally entertained at his new ‘best mate Guy, as in, Guy Sebastian’ taking photos and throwing a couple of coins in Bob’s guitar case while he played. Kevin offered to use the change to buy Guy a coffee when we were done but he was stoked to just have an autograph from this “bloody legend”.

After this song, we spent the rest of the morning trawling up Crown st looking for a sunny spot to keep filming, but the construction of the new Surry Hills Library prevented us from finding the peace we were after. If you’re in Europe check out Bob while he’s on tour in October – Amsterdam’s Paradiso is a particularly special venue. Otherwise you can catch him in Melbourne later in the year.

Amelia & Jonathan


  1. Michaella

    This makes me wish i was sitting in dappled sunlight sipping a coffee and snacking on flourless chocolate cake right now….

  2. Sarah

    hilarious! lovely version of this song.

  3. oh so pretty. i remember that lose stop sign.

  4. Extremely beautiful!

  5. Jeremy Szostak

    this is one of my favourite videos from shoot the player

  6. Dave

    Absolutely awesome! “Your a legend”…..”a legend”

  7. Jess

    What better place to sing such a beautiful song! you singing in front of my favourite bakery made me fall in love with Sydney again

  8. Teya

    I thought nothing could make the Bourke Street Bakery better. Love it!

  9. dan

    great track. lucky the bsb queue wasn’t too long!

  10. michelle+allon

    we haven’t even been to the bakery and we love it!! david’s bakery rocks, when is he going to open one in london!!

  11. Alex

    What a day for Guy, damn. The poor guy gets the show of his life and the autograph of a bloody legend – he came away from that almost walking into the door.

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