From: ..The Tallest Man on Earth..
Date: 02 Sep 2008

“Hello Amelia, I usually don’t do things like these but since you want to make something beautiful, I’m in… Some great little films you have there… Let’s talk some more closer to the trip over there, and I’ll know more about my schedule, best, ttmoe.”

The Tallest Man on Earth: Where Do My Bluebird Fly

Finding pictures of Kris is pretty impossible. All that I knew about him I had gleaned from the few songs on his myspace and an enthusiastic rendition of I Won’t Be Found offered by my flatmate Max at the mention of his name. The sweet, throaty delivery of Kris’s songs is a memorable signature style that has him compared to the forefathers of Americana folk, but coming from this striking Swedish poet, the voice marks The Tallest Man On Earth as a performer who can hold his own with the best.

The Tallest Man On Earth: Stepstone (Traditional)

At the end of filming Stepstone a security guard came and asked us if we were professional filmmakers. I assured him we were not. Pointing to Kris the guard said, “but he’s so good, I thought this was for real, for television, are you sure this is not for real? Everyone back at the office is watching this.” Of course; filming in the city means being on camera at every turn. After lots of mutual smiling and head shaking, the guard seemed satisfied. He’d enjoyed the performance too and seemed glad that he didn’t have to let doing his job upset the moment.

That night we saw Kris perform to an eager throng of fans at a packed-out Hopetoun Hotel. In all honesty, I have never seen someone command a the attention of an audience the way Kris did that night. They were silenced. Armed with just a guitar, he paced the stage, stared us down and sang with such clear and pointed determination that you could not help being transported to the gardens, blizzards and streams of his imaginings.

If you like these videos, do what you can to see the man perform live.

– Shoot The Player

ps. The thank you credit in the film is for Evan who sent us an email asking if we would try to film Kris. Before this email, we’d never heard of The Tallest Man On Earth. We love hearing from people like Evan 🙂



  1. Kel

    beautiful videos, thank you!

  2. i like this guy a lot!
    shot around sydney harbour, what a visual treat too!
    thanx so much yet again!

    luv m xo

  3. Joe

    Nice clips and awesome voice. Not as tall as I expected though 🙂

  4. Very nice, Jonathan! It was fun hearing your voice in the background in the end. And a very beautiful song, as well.

    Do you guys shoot High Def?

  5. We do shoot HD, but when we upload, we upload in lower quality – mostly because if we upload a beautiful HD version but people want to watch it in SD, then SD version of an HD file looks much worse than the file would have looked if we’d uploaded it SD in the first place! Crazy. But glad you like the clip – you should definitely see him live if you can!


  6. jefferton james

    every shoot the player is like a little christmas present that your receiving early…i love the tracking shots ..i cant believe the wide angle lens smooths it out so much and you guys are steadycam less…pssssst big business men give shoot the player lotsa money so they can do these all the time and every day will be christmas for us..

  7. Kyle

    this is really quality work. the tallest man on earth is a bit of a mystery to most people; it was great getting to hear a new song, and getting a feel for what he’s like as a person and an artist. thanks for capturing that. beautiful choice of places to shoot, that little market place you guys were in gave a good feel to his song. thanks for sharing it with us. keep up the good work

  8. Michaella

    Jonathon this is just so beautiful. So proud of you both! x

  9. Alex

    Awesome… a simply incredible set of performances and an amazing job capturing it. You can really feel the beauty of the moment. Thanks so much for making stuff like this available.

  10. awesome!

    and the guy’s got a nice ass 😉

  11. philip

    as my awesome friends who were with me at the concert he gave us in Bollnäs just last summer/spring pointed out, i have to tell you kristian is such a liar 🙂 my friends actually requested Where Do My Bluebird Fly at his concert and he played it!
    we’re off seeing him in Bollnäs once again in June, and it’s gonna be totally awesome.

    i love the videoquality of all your videos, btw! it has got that awesome kind of darkness and shade that most videos don’t, lol. no, i mean the kind that most movies use, that “photoshopped” feeling. it’s softening and very nice to look at.

  12. Sara

    First time listening/watching this guyI didn’t expect his voice to be like that, very unique, Where do my bluebird fly reminds me of a sea shanty.. soothing, dark and a little sensual and introspective all at the same time:)

  13. Jessie

    he friended me on myspace a few years ago and i didnt hear of him again until last year. Stellar performance and a lovely film of my fave harbour in the world!

  14. eyeswiredopen

    Havent you folks heard of editing? You know, taking out all the really boring stuff at the start , before they begin playing? Cut to the chase next time. Alternatively, restrict your audience. See if I care

  15. You seem really grumpy about our intros, eyeswiredopen! We quite like them – so if including them restricts our audience, that’s cool by us. I reckon there’s always going to be somebody who doesn’t like what you do, even if you’re making Avatar.

    The great thing about watching these online is that you can load the video and skip ahead to whatever point you want – you’re in control. So enjoy the parts you like, and ignore the rest!


  16. Jessie


  17. Brian

    I Love this song i have all of The tallest man on earth’s albums but i was wondering if there is a way to get this song on my ipod, also i am in love with your shooting style keep up the great work i will be sure to keep watching

  18. Brian

    by this song i mean Stepstone. sorry

  19. is the tallest man on earth bigger than a odinary house or abit shot is he abit taller than the tall guys or they are out of thier league i hope t hear from you guys and send a picture of him.

  20. JJFMc

    Tallest Man on Earth is what guided me to discover this website…and damn am I glad! He is so damn incredible, and it’s been great discovering others here on ShootThePlayer.com

  21. JJFMc

    Furthermore, like Brian (above), I am a diehard Tallest Man on Earth fan, and would love to see “Stepstone” on an album. Also, Jonathan, the shooting of that song is so damn well done that it could be used as an official music video.

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