Shoot The Player began over a beer with Vincent Moon in Paris. Amazed that Vincent knew of very few Australian musicians, Amelia scribbled a list on the back of a coaster and handed it to him. The list was the reason to start Shoot The Player, it read: Jack Ladder, Dappled Cities, Pikelet & Holly Throsby.

We finally met Holly, along with Bree (and Jones the dog) on one of the hottest days of the summer – it was officially 44 degrees in the sun. We’d arranged to make a special Shoot the Piano Player film at one of Luke Jerram’s public pianos, planted randomly in the city for Sydney Festival. Filming at the pianos was unpredictable and required patience. We were used to sharing our environment but sharing the main instrument and waiting our turn was something new and kind of charming. The brightly painted Centennial Park piano attracted a steady stream of dog walkers and kids, puzzled by the appearance of an upright in the middle of the paperbark grove. We watched and enjoyed their casual performances, but by the time Holly and Bree arrived and were ready to play, the locals had continued on their way, leaving us alone to capture this lovely version of On Longing.

Holly Throsby: On Longing

We were keen to get a guitar track filmed as well, but we had to hurry. As we walked towards a wooden platform that floated like a raft in the middle of a colonnade of trees, the first cracks of thunder joined the chorus of cicadas and kookaburras. As so often happens on hot, humid days in Sydney, rain was on the way. Jones bounced and barked around us, interrupting the first few takes with adorable enthusiasm, until finally (and under a lot of pressure!) we were able to capture a full take of To Begin With, occasionally punctuated by the sounds of the impending storm. We got out just in time before the rain started and the lightning flashed overhead – amazingly caught on film!

Holly Throsby: To Begin With

A dramatic end to a lovely shoot.

– Jonathan & Amelia




  1. dee

    just lovely, thank you

  2. so wonderfully shot, so wonderfully played, such a natural venue, on such a day!
    100% take in my book! well done with many thanx! luv milli xo

  3. simon

    i wanna come to sydney! please film Making A Fire! these are lovely.

  4. Cate

    precious. well done all.

  5. matt

    thanks so much for bringing these to us. beautiful.

  6. Milan

    Great tunes!!! Think Im in love.. 😉 keep up the good work.
    greetz from holland

  7. Ruairi

    Great concept, great vids. Thanks for bringing some more Holly goodness to me from across the seas!


  8. Catherine

    Beautiful music and beautifully shot.

  9. Andrew Paul

    Absolutely perfect.

    Thank you for doing this.

  10. Nathan Russell

    THANK YOU so much for making these amazing videos they’re so magical! Holly is my favorite artist ever and there really isn’t enough footage of her any where….. if you guys ever get another chance you should do another session with Holly and Bree! Oh and Jones too of course! 🙂

  11. Nathan Russell

    It would be amazing to have ones of Now I Love Someone and Come Visit! or any song really I love every thing she’s ever recorded!

  12. Steph Brown

    I just went to your opening at Carriageworks and watched the beautiful Holly perform, along with Megan Washington. Congratulations on some great filming of some really great performers.

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