Videos feature local artists taking part in Sydney Festival’s ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ public piano project, as well as official Sydney Festival artists from around the world. Thanks to Sydney Festival and Luke Jerram for making this all possible!


Bridezilla: Beaches

C L O U D      C O N T R O L

Cloud Control: Buffalo Country

S T    V I N C E N T

St Vincent: Marry Me

St Vincent: What Me Worry?

The streets, parks, bus stops, hairdressers and tattoo parlours of Sydney have become unlikely stages for musicians both amateur and professional during Sydney Festival this summer.

Luke Jerram’s public piano project ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ brings music to places you might not expect to find it, and brings strangers together who might not have found a reason to connect before.

H O L L Y     T H R O S B Y

Holly Throsby: On Longing

D E A D     L E T T E R     C H O R U S

Dead Letter Chorus: Magnolia Farm
Shoot The Player is taking the opportunity to observe and record as many local and international talents at these pianos as possible. As with all our videos, we weren’t quite sure how these shoots would go! But we knew we were on to something exciting immediately. When we arrived at Peace Park with Sydney band Dead Letter Chorus, the park was quiet. But when the band started setting up and tuning, the neighbourhood came to life – skateboarders stopped to listen, parents came and sat on the grass with their kids, and residents stood at their open doors watching. It was hard to tell who were having a better time – the musos or the impromptu audience!

Holly Throsby in Centennial Park was a whole other sort of experience. As we waited for Holly to arrive, a steady stream of park-goers tried their hand at the piano – often with their pets in tow. There wasn’t much of an audience – just a few dogs, the kookaburras, the cicadas, a couple having a picnic, and a man on a long mobile phone call. Holly’s song was a perfect combination of voice, instrument and location – and something that was only possible because of Luke Jerram’s Sydney Festival project Play Me, I’m Yours.

Over the next two weeks, check back for more installations of our Shoot the Piano Player series – and the pianos are around until the end of January, so if you’re in Sydney, go find them and play!


  1. megan

    i love the sound of cicadas in Holly’s video, very sydney…

  2. dawn

    more! do more!

  3. Jaded

    so so so beautiful, that is the whole point of music, to reach people when they least expect it and allow them to feel things they were least expecting.

  4. amelia

    wow… thanks jaded. nice praise.

  5. Two beautiful clips by great Sydney artists. Well done STP, what an excellent site and concept.

  6. jordan

    i like how there is a thin steel cable “keeping” the piano and bench safe from thieves. they would have to be very motivated to steal a piano in the first place, and quite logistically adept. “Locks merely keen the honest man honest.”

    Your films are an inspiration! KUDOS!

  7. I’m so glad someone captured St. Vincent’s “Marry Me” because it was amazing on the first night she played at the Speigeltent.

    Thanks Amelia and Jonathon! I know I can always count on you guys.

  8. ml

    jones! more jones!

  9. Sara

    More please! I love how impromptu these are, so pure!
    And please upload Andrew Bird at Petersham as soon as you can, thanks 😀

  10. amelia

    we’ll get to andrew soon as we get through the summer… glad you’re still holding out for those ones!

  11. SomeoneYouDon'tKnow

    I have to admit that St. Vincent was the best. 🙂 She can play both the piano and guitar, knows how to play some jazzy stuff, has a beautiful voice, and is of course very beautiful herself.

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