Henry Wagons: Man Sold

Henry Wagons is not a New Zealand Hollywood director, he did not make The Awful Truth, and though he sports a dashing headband, he is not a known tennis player.

He is Henry Wagons, the latest player in front of the camera, entertaining us late one evening in the traditionally Italian neighbourhood of Sydney.

Henry Wagons: Never Been to Spain

Kate and I met Henry in a house where he was staying in Leichhardt. We didn’t have much of a plan and with little light, we needed to think creatively about a location. Norton St, the area’s main drag, was buzzing with the usual spill of diners, drinkers and late night shoppers, so a hushed back ally seemed a better choice. We parked behind a restaurant and angled the headlights of my car against a wall of bright grafitti; the scene was set – a strange desert ghetto. We warned Henry about the possibility of planes overhead and when they came, he was good humoured and ready for them.

With Man Sold completed, we went in search of a new backdrop. Highly entertained and perhaps a little overconfident, we braved the not-so-beating-heart of Leichhardt; The Italian Forum. It was late and we were tired, so i bought a round of lattes and Henry settled into the center of this faux European “town square”. With caffeine, an eager audience of two local kids, and the background sound of a tacky fountain, Henry indulged us in an old Elvis Presley song, Never Been To Spain.

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  1. Nick

    what a funny guy, nice songs too, thanks for capturing them.

  2. Bec

    thanks for posting these! nice find x

  3. matt

    so good – so funny

  4. What a great live performer, always able to whip the smallest crowd into a frenzy.

  5. Japaljarri

    very good looking man

  6. Henry you headbanded hooer. happy New Year and may the baritone rise again.

  7. I had heaps of fun shooting this video! Henry’s voice is amazing! And he’s so funny to boot! Nice one Wagons.

  8. I liked the gig at the Marquis of Lorne where there were so many people I had to stand in between the drummer and guitarist.

  9. RamJam

    Thank you for educating me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the rise and fall of Goodtown, and I am now relishing the al fresco performances of this alt rock wunderkind, Henry (baby jesus) Wagons. Mozzle Toff.

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