Coney Island took some convincing. Kate and Damon weren’t exactly thrilled about the idea of performing on the Wonder Wheel, or the idea of an acoustic session mid air and 100ft above the ground. I totally understood, to me the Cyclone is akin to skydiving but can you do a Shoot The Player video at Coney without getting on the rides???

We arrived to a completely desolate, scary Coney; everything was boarded up for the winter and nothing was open except for a lonely mattress factory across the street. We trekked through the icey wind towards the water looking for a light to film under and people to form our impromptu audience. No one. Freezing, we quickly set up on the boardwalk, Damon turned a trash can into a drum and warmed Kate’s hands until the final moment of shooting. It took a few takes to get the song – all of us hopping about and rubbing our hands together to stave off the painfully cold air on our skin.

- Amelia
Produced: Amelia Tovey
Photographed: David Sosnow


  1. Isthatimportant?

    I think it was WAY too cold, some times you can hear Kate shivering and it is a little out of tune too a few times. Otherwise it was not bad at all I can tell it’s an early version as the end is slightly different.
    Good concept as always, keep up with the good work !

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